#Balance – Bikini competitions, goals and pizza.



I’ve been meaning to speak on this topic for quite a while but have only gotten around to it now. I feel this is almost a post on me explaining my way of living and why I do what I do – not that I need to explain myself to anyone but I think with so many people viewing my Instagram posts or watching my snapchat I’d like to share some more info on how I do things and why.

A daily scroll through Instagram for me (and many others I’m sure) includes lots of talk of goals, photoshoot prep, prepping for a competition, cutting, bulking and everything inbetween. The fitness industry is huge at the moment, people of all ages and backgrounds taking up an interest in bettering themselves and their health. Some decide to take part in a competition or do a photoshoot, but for a lot of people it stops at bettering themselves and their health, and thats okay too. I found myself feeling super guilty and “lazy” for want of a better word recently when I stupidly compared myself to some people on my Instagram feed and let my mind go into overdrive. I’m most certainly not the only one who has done so and wont be the last either, for some bizarre reason we all compare ourselves to others (especially people online). The reason I’m blabbering on about it all is because there doesn’t need to be huge pressure on people to compete, or do a photoshoot, or even set “goals”. Don’t get me wrong I think its great to set goals and I admire anyone who takes on a challenge such as a bodybuilding competition but its not for everyone. The dedication it takes to prep for such competitions is something I’ll always admire but I’ll never want to do it. I’m in a different place in my life at the moment, enjoying time with family and friends is a huge priority after all that has happened over the past few years and I’m not going to restrict my food or go on a diet, because it doesn’t suit me. How I feel on the inside comes before how I look on the outside and I’m not going to feel guilty about it anymore. I know that I’m not the only one comparing myself to others, and by that I mean I’m sure people compare me to others too. Seeing some people dieting, some in the gym every single day, some prepping for competitions and I’m not doing any of the above. There’s huge pressure on social media, to fit in with whats “in” at the moment and to be as dedicated as everyone else. I love “health and fitness”, I love eating better because I feel better on the inside but I also love pizza. I love going to the gym, but I don’t go every day. I work hard to try and make my body the best it can be but I also enjoy drinks with my friends at the weekends. I don’t want to deprive myself of these things, I’m young and I have learnt the hard way that life is far too short to be spent miserable. To me, a diet for a bikini competition would make me miserable, that doesn’t mean I don’t admire or respect those who do it. More power to you for being in a place in your life where you can take on such a challenge.

I don’t want to rant on for much longer but I really wanted to have my say in it all. Its perfectly okay to spend 7 days a week in the gym & dieting, and its also perfectly okay if that life isn’t for you. There’s no need to feel under pressure to “fit in” or be “fitfam” like everybody else. Everyone is different, everybodies lives are different and if the only change you want to make to your lifestyle is a teeny tiny one then thats okay too. The “fitness” lifestyle doesn’t have to be an all or nothing one – take it at your own pace and do what you want to do. You’ll be a much happier person at the end of it all.


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