My top 6 fake tans

Finally getting around to doing this! I’d nearly consider myself a fake tan expert at this stage – have tried every tan from the highest end brands to ones you can even get in tesco! Here are some of my favourites.

Bbold – Shop Here
This one is a no brainer as I wear it nearly every week, its my go-to tan if I want to be really really dark. I have used both the lotion and the spray both in the darkest shade and I love both! Sometimes I’ll layer them, the lotion is really moisturizing and I often layer the dark spray over other tans too. The only downfall with it being so dark is it can be harder to get off but I’ve found that to be the case for any tan that goes so dark!


Cocoa Brown – Shop Here
Another no brainer, one of the most affordable tans out there at the moment and it can be purchased nearly everywhere. This is always a plus as nobody wants to spend hours searching different shops for a product! I’ve used both the dark and the extra-dark and to be totally honest I didn’t see any difference in the two. This doesn’t take away from how much I love it though, 2 layers of the dark comes out really well and it dries super fast too which I love. No sticky feeling going to bed! Of course I drown myself in the Golden Goddess Oil by Cocoa Brown weekly as well – not sure I’d survive without this in my life at this stage.


Iconic Bronze – Shop Here
Another really affordable tan – at the moment it is exclusive to Penneys or can also be purchased online! The Iconic Bronze mitt is fab and the tan turns out really well on the skin, no dry spots or patchiness! I didnt find it to be too dark even with 2 coats so it looks really natural too.


Catwalk HQ – Shop Here
This is the most expensive tan on my list but still one of my favourites. I tried this out a few months back after hearing great things about it. It applies really well and there’s no dodgy smell off it but it wasn’t dark enough for me, even with multiple coats. For this reason, I wore it when I was going to Spain and didn’t want to be that pale Irish person by the pool. It’s perfect for anything like this as its super even and because its not too dark it looks really natural. It faded out really well over the few days even with me applying sun cream over it etc.


Tantastic – Shop Here
Another tan that you should be able to find in most pharmacies. I don’t use tantastic as my base tan, unfortunately they’re not green based so can come out a bit more on the orange side. To get rid of this problem I’ll use the dark tantastic liquid over another tan. For example, I wore it over the Catwalk HQ as it started to fade and it helped to bring the colour up for a few more days. Its so so easy to apply which is probably why I continue to use it as a layering tan.


Rimmel Sun Shimmer – Shop Here
Last but not least, the tan I always run back to after any bad experience trying one out! I know a lot of people think Rimmel Sun Shimmer is dated and what people used years ago but if you haven’t tried them recently you’re missing out. I use the dark mousse as a base or even on its own. Its really dark, easy to apply and wears off really well! I also use the instant version and swear by this if I want to make my tan darker just before I head out. The medium matte one is actually easier to apply and brings any base tan up really well. I also use the medium shimmer on my legs and chest, I always have a bottle of it just in case!


I apply any tan with a mitt and never moisturize beforehand to make sure the tan sets properly on my skin. I always apply my tan the night before unless using the instant one before I head out!

I get so many questions from girls about what tan I wear so I hope this helps.



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