So it’s safe to say it’s not only losing him that changed me but also my Dad himself. For someone who lived with terminal cancer for 3 years he never for one moment let it change his attitude. He was always positive, upbeat and made the most of the time he had. Of course it was impossible not to learn from him not only how to make the most of every moment but also to appreciate the little things – it doesn’t have to be super complicated or materialistic to make you happy. I owe both the person I am today and my attitude towards everything today, to him. The silver lining to such a heartbreaking thing is everything that I learned from him, and unfortunately learning to live without him too.

1. Life is short – None of us know what’s around the corner or what tomorrow will bring. Appreciate the present, its all we really have.
2. You’re stronger than you think. Acknowlege feelings of anxiety, sadness & fear but do not let them consume you. You are more than able to handle anything that is thrown your way.
3. People will not always be kind to you – be kind anyway. Being an A-hole to somebody will usually have as much of an effect on your day as it will on theirs.
4. Challenge is the universe poking at you to grow. I spent a lot of time in my comfort zone, afraid to step out of it for fear of feeling lost. Push yourself, nothing worth having ever comes easy.
5. Life isn’t fair and probably never will be. The sooner you accept this and stop trying to control everything around you, the sooner you’ll stop worrying about things you cannot change.
6. Your health is your wealth. Look after yourself, your body and live well.
7. Good days and bad days both have their own purpose. ‘You grow through what you go through’.
8. Don’t take yourself too seriously – My Dad was the biggest messer even through his 40’s and it made the memories of him so special knowing he was so happy and goofy all of the time.
9. Your “gut” feeling?? Listen to it. There’s a reason it’s there and a reason you should pay attention to it.
10. You will lose people you love. It’s life, unfortunately, and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, we are in control of how we deal with it and how much we let it take over our lives. Losing my Dad changed my life and there’s no doubt about that but I’d like to believe it changed me for the better. Try to see the positive even in such a heartbreaking situation.
11. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, its not the end. Trust the process, go with the flow and believe that you’ll end up where you’re meant to be. Easier said than done I know but its nice to keep it in mind anyway.
12. Kindness is easy. Being kind, open minded and approachable will make more of a difference of your life than you’d think.
13. You, alone, are in control of your own happiness. Nobody is forcing you to work the job you hate or to spend time with that one person that drags you down. Cut all negativity out of your life with no hesitation – you will thank yourself.
14. Everything happens for a reason. It may take months or years but I promise you, you will eventually figure it all out.
15. We all take sh*t for granted, we’re all human and we all have stuff we’d like to complain about. However, training your mind to think more positively or appreciate the little things will do no harm.
16. Not everybody needs to like you, and you don’t need to care. Worry about yourself, how you want to live your life and stop worrying about what others think. You’ll never be able to please everyone anyway.
17. Its going to rain, that doesn’t mean you need to complain about it. Appreciate that there are bigger problems in the world and lots more you could be complaining about. It could always be worse.
18. Take a day. Or 2. Or 6. Take all the time you need. Figuring out what goes on in your head and establishing a relationship with that dark part of your mind is more important than you’ll ever know.
19. Be grateful. So I lost my Dad at 20, years and years before I ‘should have’ but I’ll always be grateful for the 20 years I did have with him. It doesn’t need to be a sob story.
20. Be happy – life is far too short to be anything but. ♥


At this stage I think I should have shares in the place but we’ll try to forget about that. I go to Penneys a few times a week and alllllllways come out with something, the obsession is real. Will go through the few bits I’ve gotten over the past couple of weeks – apologies in advance for the creases on most items, I tried them on straight out of the bag. P.S. I bought these in the Penneys stores either in Wilton or Cork City♥



The cutest little gingham dress. Lightweight material so definitely for Spring/Summer, I’d belt something like this just because I’m so small! I got a size 4 and its very over-sized so go down a size if you can. €8.

white shirt.jpg

Top and skirt both from Penneys. I love the little skirt its super comfortable & could be worn on a night out or during the day. Top €9, skirt €4.


Tie waist midi dress. Personally I’d wear this casually but it could be dressed up too – Size wise its quite big I got a 4 as I like dresses like this to be fitted. €12.

kids leggings

Again both items from Penneys. The leggings are from the kids section – a size 12-13 is pretty much the same as a size 8. I actually got size 11-12 as they’re so stretchy. I’m obsessed with cropped jumpers and Penneys have loads in at the moment, orrrr just cut them yourself. This one is really lightweight. Both items were €6.

gym gear.jpg

Some gym gear, so so comfortable and the leggings are squat proof. Support wise the sports bra isn’t great but I’m teeny in that department anyway so I get away with it. The leggings were €7, I cant remember how much the sports bra was but I don’t think it was more than €6/7. It was in the underwear section as opposed to with the gym gear.


More leggings, can you tell I kind of live in them at this stage? Again, I got these in a 4 as I wanted them fitted and they’re really stretchy. They were €6 and I got them in black too. (Jumper is Missguided.)


When you have no holiday booked yet but go off & buy a bikini anyway. I couldn’t resist! I usually stay away from patterned bikini’s because of my tattoos but sure look. The bottoms are a Brazilian cut so super flattering on the booty. The whole bikini is reversible too. Bottoms €5 Top €9.

Hope that was helpful! Probably not if you’re an addict like me but I keep telling myself it could be worse. Will continue to do these as I pick up more Spring/Summer bits.






Ever since gaining a following on Instagram the question I get asked the most is where I got my tattoos done. Unfortunately it’s probably the hardest question to answer. At this stage I have traveled for most of them, to Poland for a piece on my leg and to the UK on numerous occasions for my sleeve and shin pieces. I got my first tattoo when I was 17 but my knowledge and how I choose an artist has definitely changed lots since then. To me, there’s a lot more to it now than “He did my friends tattoo, its unreal so you should definitely go to him for yours”. The style of the tattoo has so much to do with it and I think that’s the part people don’t realise. I wouldn’t have the guy who did my shins tattoo the kind of work I have on my right arm and that’s perfectly okay, he wouldn’t want to do it anyway. Any legit artist (in my opinion, someone who’s in it because they have a passion for it) will find a style they like, or are good at, and stick to that. This line of thinking is how I went about choosing an artist after my first few tattoos.

So, after deciding on a tattoo you’ll need to identify the style of tattoo or how you want it done. Do your research. Trawl through Instagram – this is how I found 2 of the artists I eventually traveled to have work done by. Be patient. An artist with a long waiting list is usually one worth waiting for, I waited 2 years between starting my sleeve and finishing it but it was more than worth going back & getting it finished by the same artist. It’s going to be on your body forever, don’t rush into it just so it’ll be on your body sooner.

Be willing to travel. This is the part that made me look crazy as I got on a plane to Warsaw just for a tattoo but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I got exactly what I wanted, in the style I wanted, by the artist I wanted aaaand I got a lil’ holiday too. Some of the best artists in the world are dotted around Europe, I have one in Berlin on my wishlist for a piece on my leg. It obviously depends on what you want done and if its something you’d be willing to travel for but it definitely gives you lots more to choose from if you’re willing to hop on a plane for a tattoo.. Even if people think you’re crazy.

I’m going to go through some of my different pieces and different artists I’ve been to below. Hopefully it’ll help you to identify the different styles and importance of choosing the right person for the job.







My shin pieces. Probably one of my favourites & my most recent tattoos! These were done by Aaron Anthony in The Circle, Soho London.









My sleeve on my right arm. Exactly how I imagined it and worth all of the travelling. I traveled to Stoke On Trent to start it in 2014 and followed the artist to his new location in Hull exactly 2 years later. Done by Matt Webb in Bishop Lane Tattoo.











My thigh pieces. I adore these and how they’re done, I wanted leg tattoos that would still look good years later and I got exactly what I wanted. All of these were done by the same artist, Kuba. His Instagram is “_b.j.n_”.


Cosmetic Surgery; the most taboo subject that nobody wants to talk about yet everyone wants to know about. Having underwent cosmetic surgery on my nose in November’16, the option was there for me to either share my story or keep my decision private. Halfway through my recovery and after lots of thinking I decided I was going to tell the 14,000 people on my Instagram page not only that I underwent cosmetic surgery, but also why I did it. The fact that its such a taboo subject and one that’s often frowned upon frustrated me and I wanted to do my part in breaking the stigma. I have a previous blog post touching on why I decided to have Rhinoplasty done and how I feel now that it’s done. I never thought that at 21 I’d have undergone surgery for cosmetic reasons but I’m so glad I did. Hopefully the info below will help even one person on their own cosmetic surgery journey♥

Question 1; “What surgeon or clinic did you go to?”
I went to Dr. Eoin O Broin. Having spoken to some friends and family about what I wanted to have done he was recommended to me. After my consultation with him and his nurse I knew I had come to the right place. He’s based here in Cork and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I trusted him completely and came out with results better than I ever could have hoped for. 

Question 2; “What was the pain like?”
The pain was definitely the last thing I was worried about before the surgery. Typically, Rhinoplasty is a procedure in which the recovery looks worse than it feels. Most people experience bruising, black eyes etc..Basically everything that comes with a broken nose. I was lucky in that I had very little to no bruising. Pain wise I was on nothing stronger than nurofen(ibuprofen) and wasn’t in much pain at all as soon as the first 36 hours passed. My only real complaint would have been how uncomfortable I was, rather than how much pain I was in. Obviously your nose is in a cast and once the initial packing is removed, the swelling starts. The swelling meant I couldn’t open my mouth, smile, laugh or do anything that we very clearly take for granted. I couldn’t taste and was breathing through my mouth the whole time so eating was a struggle. Lots of jelly & yogurts got me through that week!

Question 3; “How long was your recovery?”
I was in the hospital for one night following the surgery and was sent home then. I had a cast on my nose for a week, to keep it in place basically. I was back to see Dr.O’Broin after a week, to have the cast and stitches removed. Following that I had soft bandages on for 3 days, and as soon as they were removed I felt comfortable to leave the house again. I think its so important for me to note here the swelling that comes with the Rhinoplasty procedure. Even though the swelling had gone down lots since the first week (and I no longer looked like a hamster), the cast coming off caused some ‘rebound’ swelling along with the general swelling from the surgery. The swelling after Rhinoplasty can take up to a year, even longer for some people, to go down completely. I have noticed this hugely over the past few months as I watch my nose change. The nose I had and saw in the first 2-3 weeks after surgery is totally different to the one I have now. I know it will continue to change in ways I probably wont notice now but its definitely important to take note of, especially for when your cast comes off. I was so excited to see the ‘finished product’ but in fact it was weeks if not months before I saw how it really was.

Tips, Tricks & Advice for anyone considering Rhinoplasty;

  • Do lots and lots of thinking – I think this goes without saying but make sure you think about why you want it done, and more importantly how you’ll feel afterwards. After all, you are changing a pretty important part of your face and the decision to do that shouldn’t be made lightly.
  • Do your research – Find out as much as you possibly can about the procedure. Google can be hit or miss for information but with a bit of digging there is some helpful articles out there. If that fails, book a consultation with a reputable surgeon. You have absolutely no obligation to go through with the surgery following a consultation and its a great way to get more info, ask questions and just learn more about what you want done.
  • Don’t rush into it – A long waiting list usually comes hand in hand with an amazing surgeon. I luckily got a cancellation appointment but was prepared to wait for as long as necessary. There’s absolutely no point in settling and going to a different clinic because it’ll be done faster or maybe because its cheaper. After all, its your face they’re operating on which for me meant there was no shortcuts to be taken. The results will be worth the wait!

I wanted to keep this blog post as short as possible, so its more of an info post as opposed to me rambling on (again). Taking all of the above into account I’d do it all over again if I had to. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences and definitely as mentally challenging as it was physically but the results are more than worth it. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away, I’ll answer as best I can♥




           Casual Saturday 

  • Jeans – Topshop
  • Top – Topshop
  • Shirt – Zara Menswear
  • Belt – Asos
  • Tan is Bbold

The obsession with this shirt continues! Oversized shirts are my fav to dress down an outfit, I wore some Adidas NMD’s here but could have worn heels and ditched the shirt for a night time look.



Another Little White Dress

  • Dress; Missguided.eu
  • Heels; office.co.uk
  • Tan; CocoaBrown & Golden Goddess by CB

Ye’ll soon become familiar with my obsession with white dresses. Missguided always have loads of gorgeous ones of fantastic quality, nobody likes a see-through dress! Below I have styled the same dress but with Converse as I was off to (stand at) a concert. Comfort is key for me and I liked the funkier look.

Fishnets & Fluffies

  • Tights; Moonshine Cork
  • Heels; Office.com

I decided to change my outfit before heading out after the concert, new venue new outfit maybe? I didn’t get a chance to take a full outfit pic but this little combo was my fav of the weekend! I wore a black bodysuit with the same denim shirt as above tied around my waist. Paired it with fishnet tights and some fluffy heels that are super comfy too. This combo might not be for everyone but was definitely for me<3