If you’d have told me a few years ago that I’d be after booking myself in for rhinoplasty (a “nose job”) before my 21st birthday I would have laughed at you! Even though it was always on my mind I never thought I’d go through with it, however I’m so glad I did. Cosmetic or “plastic” surgery doesn’t have the greatest name for itself which is why I was so worried about going public with my little op back in November. I thought long and hard about talking about it publicly and also about the surgery in general. Its funny the way life goes & throws things at us which may change our attitudes towards the smallest of things. Years ago I would never have gone through with changing my nose simply because “only celebrities do that” or surely I’m weak and vain if I want to change a part of my body?? I’m so glad my attitude changed and I’m so glad I did go through with the surgery. Just because you dislike one or maybe even two parts of yourself doesn’t mean you’re weak or that you’re self obsessed because you want to change it. I didnt make this decision for anyone but myself and how I felt about myself. Personally I felt my nose didn’t suit my face & it was never going to. I couldn’t accept or like pictures of myself & made sure all my selfies hid just how bad it was. For example I never would have uploaded the pic on the left because you can see it clearly! –
Sooo without ranting on too much I just wanted to share more about it because I got so many messages etc the last time. Cosmetic surgery is so rarely talked about especially by someone so young but I personally think its important for me to be open & honest about it! Its also worth mentioning that its not just a physical journey this surgery took me on. For me, it hasnt necessarily made me more confident but definitely more comfortable in myself. I don’t walk around saying “Please take a picture of me” but its no longer a “dont take a picture of me” or hiding my nose in photo’s! I feel more “me” now💗

Holla with any questions again I’ll gladly answer X


Hey hi hello etc, and thank you for visiting!

I’ve decided to delve into the world of blogging – in an aim to expand my instagram page and do more of what I love. With a new found love for writing and a frustrating character limit on instagram, a blog seemed to be the only option. I hope to include everything from fitness to fashion with lots of ‘life’ stuff in between, keeping it real & honest at all times!

I have lots of posts planned & in progress but of course always open to suggestions and want to write what ye want to read.. Keeping it as fresh & exciting as I can<3.



One of my #fitness before & afters. Pictures taken a year apart with just 16 weeks of weight training with my personal trainer Rebeccah O Rourke in between. The difference a good training plan & good nutrition can make is crazy! I never felt ‘out of shape’ or unhappy with my body but I’m so happy with the changes I’m making. I train to be fit, healthy & happy. There’s more benefits to training than just physical ones and this is so important to me. A happy mind is the first step to a happy life! Workout videos, tips & tricks to come.