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I’ve decided to delve into the world of blogging – in an aim to expand my instagram page and do more of what I love. With a new found love for writing and a frustrating character limit on instagram, a blog seemed to be the only option. I hope to include everything from fitness to fashion with lots of ‘life’ stuff in between, keeping it real & honest at all times!

I have lots of posts planned & in progress but of course always open to suggestions and want to write what ye want to read.. Keeping it as fresh & exciting as I can<3.



One of my #fitness before & afters. Pictures taken a year apart with just 16 weeks of weight training with my personal trainer Rebeccah O Rourke in between. The difference a good training plan & good nutrition can make is crazy! I never felt ‘out of shape’ or unhappy with my body but I’m so happy with the changes I’m making. I train to be fit, healthy & happy. There’s more benefits to training than just physical ones and this is so important to me. A happy mind is the first step to a happy life! Workout videos, tips & tricks to come.